Trump falls short on promises to veterans

Staff Writer

President Donald Trump is pointing to big achievements in advance of Veterans Day on his campaign promise to fix the Department of Veterans Affairs, just 10 months into his administration. But several of the initiatives are far from bold or as immediate as claimed.
A look at statements and rhetoric on the subject:
WHITE HOUSE: “President Trump announced that the Department of Veterans Affairs will adopt the same Electronic Health Record as the Department of Defense. VA’s adoption ... will ultimately result in all patient data residing in one common system, enabling the immediate availability of service member’s medical records and seamless care between the departments.”
THE FACTS: While the administration did announce in June that it would overhaul VA’s aging information technology system, Shulkin admitted to Congress last month that the project to revamp electronic medical records won’t be completed for seven to eight years. The full costs of the project also are not known and have yet to be budgeted...To read more, please refer to our print or online edition.