Workforce Development plants seeds of success at SEED board meeting

Joseph Grant
Staff Writer

The Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Growth (SEED) Board of Directors met for their meeting on Monday, February 13 at 10:30 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce building.
With Board members Kirby Andrews, Billy Whisenant, Dr. Jerod Peek, Larissa Place, Ken Becker, David Welch and City Manager, David Vela in attendance, a presentation was given by TSTC Texas State Technical College Executive Director, John Doeher on Workforce Development. Workforce Development is a business model on how to train employees efficiently. Doeher spoke of giving employees a skills upgrade through training.
”In our training, we are trying to make our workforce skilled and safer. It’s better for our workers and better for Texas altogether. Doeher said. The next training will tentatively take place in August.
The Board approved the minutes from the January meeting and then discussed January financials. Sales tax revenues were still on the decline with unemployment climbing slightly. Georgia Pacific did not have any layoffs. Business is up and the company has had a one of the best fiscal years.
January financials were approved as was the motion for accounts payable.
Sale tax figures were down 5.4% and fiscally the city has been in the red since August but the city is looking for ways to improve, cut expenses and depending on spring revenues, capital projects might ratchet down to save money. Property taxes revenues have been much better.
Plans for the new Sweetwater water tower is on schedule. Landmark Construction has been hired for the project. The tower will be taken offline as of December 2017 or January 2018, depending on weather and wind factors.
The Board is working on bringing in new businesses and how to keep the youth connected and interested in the community.
“In the end, training will be the key to improve our bottom line.” Board member Becker said.