Water Line Maintenance to Affect Area Residents

Staff Writer

The City of Sweetwater will be undertaking necessary maintenance on a 10-inch water line on Friday overnight into Saturday. As a result, customers in Sweetwater may experience low water pressure or no water at all for a brief period of time.
A statement was released by the City.
“On Friday, April 12, 2019 it will be necessary to shut down a 10-inch water line that feeds the north east side of the town. Customers will experience low water pressure and may experience no water at all for a short time frame. We expect that the influenced areas will be from E. Broadway going north to 17th street, and then from Crane Street to the east to Tonkawa Street.
The water shut down should last from 10 pm to 6 am., as long as we do not experience any unforeseen obstacles.
The shutdown is being made so that distribution facilities in your area can be upgraded to improve your water service. The City of Sweetwater Distribution Crews and Contractors will be installing additional valves and piping for future Pressure Reducing valves. Also, fire hydrants in the surrounding area will be flushed for a brief time period to clear the system after repairs are made.
This temporary interruption in service will be as brief as possible. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.
We suggest that you fill some containers with the water you may require during the shutdown. We also suggest that you run water through your faucets for a short period of time (approximately 15 minutes) to clear any dirty water out of your service line before bathing or washing clothes (suggestion is to run a cycle through your machine with no clothes).
If you have any trouble or questions please feel free to contact me at 235-4166 or 236-6952.”