Update given on BNSF rail

At the Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) board meeting held on Monday morning, an update on the BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) rail transload facility was given by Geoff Haney, president of Cape and Son.By mid-June, 60% of the facility should be opened to handle the commodity market of wheat. The remaining 40% should open by mid-July.An extensive amount of new track is being added, with 40,000 feet being added by BNSF. Cape and Son is also adding 18,000 feet of new track.In addition, Cape and Son has started a new company, “Sweetwater Switching”, which will be the switching company for the transload facility. As part of the Cape and Son incentive agreement, two locomotives are being purchased by SEED which will be used by the new company and leased back to Cape and Son for use in the transload facility. It was also reported that the Santrol sand silos are almost complete, which will be loaded by trains dropping sand into a pit and a conveyor filling the silos. Trucks will then drive through the silos, and through a gravity feed system the trucks will be loaded by dropping the sand into them.Cape and Son will be working with BNSF representatives to host a grand opening event sometime this fall.Also during the meeting, the board held discussion on the new business park, as SEED closed on the purchase of around 70 acres located on West Broadway. The board also approved the purchase of approximately 1.2 acres from Oncor off of County Road 141 to provide an entrance to the new business park.Additionally, the January 2014 financial statements were reviewed and approved. Approval was also given to the payment of accounts payable and the minutes of the February 2014 meeting.