UPDATE: DPS releases details on cross-country chase

UPDATE: About mid afternoon, law enforcement officers received a tip from local citizens in Colorado City that three men had entered a building there. Officers have the building surrounded. The neighborhood has been evacuated and travelers are not allowed into the area as a safety precaution. It is believed the three males from this morning’s pursuit are the three that have barricaded themselves in the building.According to Senior Trooper Sparky Dean, a DPS trooper was working stationary radar Monday morning on IH-20 in Mitchell County. At approximately 6:20 a.m., the trooper checked an Oklahoma-registered vehicle at 109 mph and stopped the vehicle for speeding. As the trooper approached, he observed three men inside the vehicle. The driver exited the vehicle and fired three shots at the trooper. The driver re-entered the vehicle and fled eastbound at speeds exceeding 100 mph. Shots were fired several times at the trooper during the pursuit. Visual of the vehicle was lost briefly and the vehicle was located abandoned near IH-20 on FM 1230 in Nolan County. The trooper was not injured. The Texas Rangers are investigating the incident and are processing the vehicle at this time. The suspects remain at large.At this time, Loraine, Roscoe and Highland schools are taking extra security precautions and are on high-alert due to the continued pursuit of three men that ran from police after a routine traffic stop.
Classes are still being conducted at all schools, but Roscoe is ensuring all students stay indoors. 
All campuses are making certain those on campus can be identified and have permission to be there. 
At this time, the schools emphasize these measures are only a precaution to ensure the safety of staff and students.