Trinity Baptist to begin DivorceCare sessions Thursday

Trinity Baptist Church is resuming one of their ministries, as the DivorceCare sessions will begin this Thursday evening, January 10. The class will be held at the church, located on the corner of Hailey and Santa Fe, in the "Encouragers" Sunday School classroom.DivorceCare is a weekly support group and seminar where divorced or separated individuals can meet with and learn from people who are experiencing similar situations in life. The class will be held each week from 6 to 7:30 p.m. for thirteen weeks, with a week off during Spring Break.The program includes a video session, which is followed by a small-group discussion. Also part of the class is a manual, where attendees can take notes during the video. In between the stand-alone classes, the manual offers supplemental information that can be completed at home for the next session. While the work is beneficial toward the sessions, it is not required.Also available for participants are online resources and devotionals, which can be found on the DivorceCare website at The class is free to attend, but there is a $15 fee for the manual, in which the money goes back to purchase more materials for the program. Scholarships are available to cover the cost of the workbook as well.Facilitating the program are Trinity Baptist Church members Pam Daniel and Bill Arey. In 2002, Arey--a licensed professional counselor--led a DivorceCare class at a church in Oklahoma City.The program began locally in the fall of 2010, with two sessions held in 2011--one of which was the "Surviving the Holidays" seminar. But after a brief hiatus, the dual leadership of Daniel and Arey will allow attendees a chance to learn information while offering an open discussion.They both call DivorceCare a "wonderful, life-changing program" which is Biblically-based, offering references from the Bible in each session. Over the thirteen weeks, the video session will feature over 30 renowned experts on divorce and recovering, such as Kay Arthur, Dr. Tony Evans from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and counselors Dr. Jim Talley from Oklahoma City and H. Norman Wright.The weekly topics offer individuals understanding on the immediate and future situations they will face during separation or divorce. Among the topics are anger, depression, loneliness, new relationships, finances as a single person, child care, forgiveness and reconciliation.In the group discussion, guests will have a chance to learn and talk about the different aspects in their transition from being a couple to a single person. The conversations are kept private, and no one is forced to take part in the discussion.Arey noted that DivorceCare helps a person understand what happened in the past and also lets a person look into the future on the issues they will be faced with as a single person. However, both facilitators express that the program is not a dating service or a place to find a new mate.DivorceCare gives people a place to be ministered, where they can find others in similar situations. Through listening, discussion and question-and-answer sessions, the classes are a helpful guide during a difficult time in life.And with the Scripture references, Daniel says that the Bible verses can offer healing. Both she and Arey point out that part of the recovery is expression which is available in DivorceCare, in contrast to isolation.Also during the sessions, childcare will be provided at the church for children up to eight years old. To learn more about childcare and/or to sign up for the classes, call the church office at 235-2991.