TNB awards good grades pay winners

Sweetwater High School had another great six week period with sixty-six students making the A-Honor Roll and Texas National Bank continued with its commitment to recognize and award one lucky scholar from each grade with $50. The winners of the Texas National Bank Good Grades Pay Award for the third six seeks were Mark Lawrence (9th grade), Andria Golden (10th grade), Quentin Wetsel (11th grade), and Madeline Montgomery (12th grade). Other students making the A-Honor Roll were, ninth grade, Alaina Andrews, Kilanie Arpin, Mickenzie Brownlow, Mikeilah Foust, Victor Garcia, David Geron, Isaiah Gonzales, Elizabeth Cray, Hanna Hayes, Michael Hunt, Ashleigh Jimenez, Michael Lawrence, Erick Rico, Tuff Saunders, Ashley Sifford, Alyssa Soles, Lorenzo Soto, Keygan Valdez, Sarah Valdez, Keegan Von Atzigen and Thomas Whittenburg; tenth grade, Caroline Brennan, Dean Chapman, Holly Johnson, Madison Jones, Corynn Martin, Caleb Thompson, Leah Warren and Jeremy Witt; eleventh grade, Mason Andrews, Haley Brownlow, James Clift, Rachel Gray, Michael Hazard, Kaleb Hoover, Crysten Ivy, Ashley Johns, Caroline Lawrence, Steven Le, Noland McKnight, Taylor McPherson, Jenny Medellin, Teresa Perez-Poe, Micaela Reschman and Bryan Vause; twelfth grade, Shelby Cason, Addisyn Cleckler, Blayne Ferguson, Christopher Gonzalez, Mackensey Hayes, Allison Hunt, Rachel Hunt, Ashley Kincheloe, Sarah Lawrence, Ryan Linebaugh, Cole Maxwell, Madison Meneses, Sean Morrow, Jerren Villa, Nicholas Walker, Amy Witt and Blake Young."Congratulations to those who made all A’s during the third six weeks, and to the Good Grades Pay winners. Texas National Bank wants to remind students to apply themselves, set goals and study hard, because good grades pay."The Good Grades Pay program was established by Texas National Bank in 2012 to encourage Sweetwater High School students to do well in school and pursue higher education. To date, the bank has awarded $400 to local students.