Texas Football predictions for SW, area districts

Enrollment numbers for teams are in parentheses. The Division I playoff representative in 4-3A is in italics. The top three district teams in Class 3A and Class 1A and top two district teams in Six-Man make the playoffs.DISTRICT 4-3A1. Monahans (556)2. Abilene Wylie (927)3. Snyder (710)4. Mid. Greenwood (494)5. Sweetwater (548)6. Big Spring (982)DISTRICT 7-1A(DIVISION II)1. Albany (142.5)2. Hamlin (142)3. Gorman (75)4. Cross Plains (92.5)5. Roby (80)6. Roscoe (97)7. Baird (95)8. Ranger (116)DISTRICT 7,SIX-MAN(DIVISION I)1. Ira (75)2. Rotan (96)3. Hermleigh (64)4. Highland (65)DISTRICT 8,SIX-MAN(DIVISION II)1. Robert Lee (42) 2. Panther Creek (42)3. Blackwell (48)2. Lohn (38)