Tag Day gives assistance to local library

The County-City Library continues to be a vital part of the community and the number of patrons continues to grow and every part of the library is used on a regular basis to serve the people of the community.The County-City Library offers individuals and families opportunities for recreational as well as educational reading. The library has nine public computers with internet access along with wireless service. Some of the program offered at the library are a weekly adult literacy/ESL class, weekly story time for parents and children, the summer reading program, author book programs and writing workshops. The library staff visits several daycares and Hoyt House each month to read. The library's catalog is available through the library's website along with their eBook and downloadable audiobook service.The state's library funding was cut by 64 percent last year. This means that the library has lost its annual state grant of over $5,000, all technology support and the Big Country Library System office was closed in August. The County-City Library has been a part of the BCLS for over 50 years. All help and support was lost from their staff with their closing.The Woman's Forum has sponsored Library Tag Day to support the County-City Library and its programs for over 60 years. Last year, with the help of businesses and professional people in the community, the Woman's Forum was able to raise $6,856.18. The money has been used for many programs of the library.The 2013 Library Tag Day will be held Wednesday, April 3. Those wishing to make a tax-deductible donation can mail it prior to Library Tag Day to Library Tag Day, c/o County-City Library, 206 Elm Street, Sweetwater. TX 79556. Those wishing to donate may also call the library at 235-4978 to have a Woman's Forum representative come by your place of business to collect a donation.