Sweetwater staying in 4A, D-II; Highland is moving to 1A, D-I

Ron Howell
Sports Editor

Sweetwater will stay in Class 4A, Division II for at least two more years.
That news became clear after the University Interscholastic League on Wednesday announced its conference cutoff numbers and preliminary enrollment figures for the 2018-20 reclassification and realignment, which will take place in February.
Sweetwater’s snapshot enrollment is 554 students, which keeps it on the lower end of Class 4A, D-II. The UIL set the cutoff numbers at 505 to 789 for the next two years. The current cutoff range is from 480 to 722 students. Sweetwater had a snapshot of 536 students two years ago.
The new snapshot figures were submitted by each UIL school district, based on their enrollment, on Oct. 27. The enrollment cutoffs will determine what classifications the state’s public high schools participate in for athletic, academic and music competitions.
Roscoe (136) will remain in Class 2A, Division II and Blackwell (53) will stay in Class 1A, Division II. But Highland (61) moves to Class 1A, Division I after being in 1A, Division II the past two years and will no longer participate in the same district (7-1A, D-II) as Blackwell.
The cutoff number for Class 1A will remain at 104.9 and below, but the Division II cutoff is now 55 and below. That’s six less than the number Highland submitted and just two above the snapshot turned in by Blackwell. The schools had snapshot enrollments of 52 and 46 students, respectively, two years ago.
The cutoff numbers for Class 2A, Division II will be 105 to 161.4 students. Roscoe turned in a snapshot of 138 students for the last realignment.
While Sweetwater is staying put, that won’t be the case for a few schools who currently compete against the Mustangs and Lady Mustangs in Class 4A.
Wylie, which is in Sweetwater’s district in all sports except football, is making the long-awaited jump to Class 5A. Wylie’s snapshot enrollment of 1,164 puts it 14 above the new 5A cutoff of 1,150 students and will make it the fourth smallest school in the classification.
Snyder — also a district foe except for football — will drop to Class 4A, Division II in football and could rejoin Sweetwater’s district in football for the first time since 2013. Snyder’s snapshot enrollment is 726 students. The Tigers competed in football the past two years in District 3-4A, D-I with Wylie, Big Spring, Brownwood and Stephenville.
Seminole, which has been in Sweetwater’s football district (2-4A, D-II) the past two years, is jumping to Class 4A, Division I after a snapshot of 793, just four above the Division II cutoff. The Indians won the District 2-4A, Division II championship this past season under Kent Jackson, who was Sweetwater’s head football coach from 2001 through 2008.