Sweetwater PD Issues Warning About Romanians Selling Fake Gold Jewelry

Joseph Grant

Most people see this as the season of giving. Some others, on eht other hand, see this as the season of taking.
Sweetwater Police Department are asking that the public be aware of fake jewelry being offered for sale in the Sweetwater area. The department has issued warning about Romanians selling fake gold jewelry.
According to the Sweetwater Police Department Facebook website, the pieces of jewelry are stamped with 18k upon them to make them appear authentic.
The fire department said some of their firefighters were approached at Brookshires grocery store.
“I can assure you they are fake,” said Sg. Renteria in a Facebook post.
“They are targeting people in parking lots and giving a sob story about loosing their wallet, they are hungry or don’t have money. They, in all the times I have dealt with them, have children with them to play on your emotions so you will give them money. Do not give them money! I assure you they have plenty from scamming others. They are usually driving out of state registered vehicles. These vehicles are mostly rented.” Sgt. Renter went on to say.
These conmen have also been trying to scam residents in areas such as Odessa and Snyder.
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