Sweetwater girls lifters place 1st at Clyde meet

Sweetwater High School’s girls and boys powerlifters placed first and fourth, re-spectively, in team compe-tition at Clyde’s meet this past Thursday. Both teams will host the annual Arlon Barnes Classic this Thursday.Sweetwater’s individuals who placed at Clyde’s meet are listed below:Sweetwater girls (1st place):Alexis Thompson — 1st in 114-pound class (495)Valeria Zavaleta — 1st in 123-pound class (515)Mikki Reschman — 1st in 148-pound class (670)Dana Hohn — 1st in 165-pound class (730)Nay Gonzales — 1st in 220-pound class (590)Ezzy Mermella — 2nd in 181-pound class (565)Ashley Lara — 2nd in 198-pound class (575)Ziggy Collins — 4th in 198-pound class (510)Sweetwater boys (4th place):Donald Baker — 1st in 148-pound class (1,050)Jay Lomas — 2nd in 132-pound class (855)Steven Le — 3rd in 165-pound class (960)Austin Marlett — 4th in 181-pound class (1,045)Kendall Rea — 4th in 242-pound class (1,220)Corey Mendez — 5th in 220-pound class (1,000)Dylan Jimenez — 7th in 198-pound class (795)Zack Garcia — 9th in 181-pound class (885)Max Nemir — 10th in 148-pound class (770)