Sweetwater Fire Department Acquires New Ambulance


The Sweetwater Fire Department are the proud owners of a new 2018 Dodge Medic 2 ambulance. The vehicle was built in Florida and ordered in January of this year and the Fire Department just received it a week ago. They are awaiting DSHS (Texas State Department of State Health Services) certification before they can take it out on calls. The certification should arrive in a day or so.
The ambulance replaces an aging model that had been replaced previously in 1999 and before that, in June of 1984. The ambulance has seen much use and it was decided that a new one should be bought. The new ambulance was budgeted and approved by the city for $191.000, which was the low bid. The purchase was approved at a previous City Commissioners’ meeting. There is no mileage on the new ambulance.
The new ambulance comes with a new cot with a patient loading system that utilizes a hydraulic lift. The gurney and cot that injured parties are typically loaded onto at an accident scene has been replaced by an electronic Stryker Power-PRO XT. Powered by hydraulics, the cot reduces the spinal load and heavy lifting that would normally accompany emergency calls. With the manual cot, there would be at least two back injuries a year, costing the city $70,000. This new electronic cot eliminates the heavy lifting and in the end, is a cost-effective bargain.
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