Sweetwater FD Assures No Change in Roscoe VFD Dispatching

Lead Writer

Monday night Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Robert Hoffman released a statement on Facebook reading “To all residents of Roscoe, Champion, and Highland area, be advised that if there is a lack of Medical or Fire response from the Roscoe Fire Department, please know that we were advised by the Sweetwater PD Assistant Chief and Sweetwater Fire Chief that 911 Dispatch for Sweetwater PD/Nolan County will not page or notify the Roscoe VFD anymore of any emergencies and would be to the discretion of the shift on duty at the time if they wanted us to respond. Our department has first aid, CPR, and AED certified fire personnel that go to trainings such as TEEX Fire School as well as EMT and RN personnel. We will still respond if we hear radio traffic of an emergency in our jurisdiction as well as surrounding areas per Mutual Aid Agreement. It saddens our department that it has come to this and have been fighting this for quite some time. The Roscoe VFD has very dedicated personnel who do this service for FREE. We will fight this until its made right for YOU! We have your welfare, health, and safety at heart!”
According to Hoffman “We [Roscoe VFD] were told that we have to be EMT or Paramedic to run on medical calls. Meaning they don’t want us there to start CPR, and if they did want us there they would make that call.” He also added “but we will do what we are trained to do in the event of an emergency”
Hoffman added that he will be contacting the West Texas Council of Government on this issue; they help fund the 911 services.
According to the Sweetwater Fire Department Chief, Grant Madden, this statement has not been accurately portrayed, “There has been and will be no change in the way we dispatch the Roscoe VFD in first response to fire, rescue, and wrecks. The way it has been done in the past is the way we will continue to do so. We rely heavily on our local VFDs, and will continue work closely with them.”
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