Superintendent McFarland’s Full Statement on SIS Incident

Staff Writer

“Today during the lunch portion of the school day, a group of students found a gun ammunition clip on the playground at SIS. The ammunition clip was turned over to a teacher, who then notified the campus administration and turned it over to them. Police were notified and given the evidence. The gun clip was full of bullets, however, there was no gun found in conjunction with this gun clip.
Once police had time to investigate, it was discovered that a property in close proximity to the campus had been burglarized over the weekend. One of the stolen items from that property matched the gun clip that was found on the playground today.
At the writing of this notification to parents and guardians of our students, the district is working on a solution to sweep the outer premises to ensure that there are no other similar types of devices that might also have been left on the campus vicinity over the weekend. The District wants to ensure that it has taken necessary and appropriate action to ensure the safety of students and staff members in our district. We are extremely thankful and proud that our students who discovered the gun clip knew that they could immediately report it and turn it over to adults on that campus.
Please continue to feel free to contact me if you or your children have any safety related concerns.”
George McFarland, Ed.D