Snakes Alive

Joseph Grant
Staff Writer

AUSTIN-Representative Stan Lambert welcomed the Sweetwater Jaycees to the State Capital in Austin this week with a Proclamation read in the Legislature recognizing the Jaycees’ contribution to the State and to promote Sweetwater’s “World’s Largest Rattlesnake Round-up”, which takes place during the second week in March. The “Round-up” has been a Sweetwater institution since 1958.
The Sweetwater Jaycees have made their trip to the Capital an annual tradition; this being their 35th year. Not only are the Jaycees from Sweetwater, so are their predatory guests.
“The snakes are all from Sweetwater.” Jaycee Rob McCann said. ”We take them humanely from the heart of their native territory from places like fields and grasslands. We also do find some snakes under houses.”