SISD Superintendent McFarland’s Mustang Monthly September 2018

Dr. George McFarland

The Board began the Regular Board meeting on September 17, 2018, by recognizing the Sweetwater House of Peace (SHOP) as a partner in furthering the vision of SISD through its community outreaches and services they provide to the children in the community that run hand in hand with the work of SISD. The district values its partnerships with community businesses and organizations and makes an effort to give them recognition at regular board meetings.
As is the regular practice for the district during the months of September-May, the board continued honoring its employees and students by recognizing teachers and students of the month as follows:
SEECC : Teacher - Darla Smith and Student Daxton McGowan
SE:  Teacher - Tonya Casto and Student Cole Rains
ER:  Teacher - Kim Dickson and Student Dustin Benson
SIS:  Teacher - Lisa Sorrels and Student Adrian Davila
SMS:  Teacher - Randa Riddle and Student Megan Bohall
SHS:  Teacher - Gloria Gomez and Student Jonah Wyatt
The Board also recognized the following campuses for their Distinction Designations as awarded by the Texas Education Agency:
SIS- Distinction Designation in Mathematics
SMS- Distinction Designation in Science & Social Studies
SHS- Distinction Designation in Postsecondary Readiness & Science
The Board heard from Technology Director Nick Rutherford about possible solutions to providing an audio and video recording of board meetings on the district website for anyone to access as desired.
The Board also heard from Special Education Director Kirk Stroman about the inclusion models currently being utilized by the district and how those models are designed to meet the needs of our special education students.
The board took the following actions:
• Approved amending the minutes to the August 30 board meeting that were presented.
• Approved the Consent agenda with minutes from the August 6 board meeting, the August 20 board meeting, August financial statements, and the August investment report.
• Adopted a board transparency document that will move forward with the district getting its board meetings online for anyone to access, improving communication on the district website about the board members, their roles, and their backgrounds, easy access to board policy, easier access to the district budget, and the district’s visions/goals/objectives.
• The Board approved a resolution whereby the district’s Credit by Examination (CBE) procedure will consist of using vetted exams created by Texas Tech or UT.
The CBE is used in the district for students earning credit in courses for which they have not had prior instruction.
• The Board decided to table indefinitely an item on pursuing a district bond or tax ratification election.
• The Board approved a resolution granting Extracurricular status for student participation in 4-H events.
• The Board approved adding Ag Extension agents as adjunct faculty so that student participation in 4-H has them assigned to a district employee.

The next Regular Board Meeting will take place at the Hub on October 15, 2018 at 5:30 pm.