SHS Seniors to Personalize Parking Spaces Today


The annual tradition of painting of Sweetwater High School parking spaces is upon us again. As always, there are a few rules. The personalization of parking spots is limited to Senios and the design must be approved before painting can begin.
The winners will receive Yeti prizes that are being donated by Higginbotham. Painting starts today. The Guidelines are as follows: Think your space at-.shirt you would wear to schooL Your parking spot must meet dress code approval. Keep it classy! Any design associated with gangs, advertising drugs, alcohol, violence, obscene slogan,handicap symbols or symbols that may cause confusion or promote illegal activities will not be allowed or approved. You may include your name, jersey number, instrument you play, your hobby, famous quotes or slogans or anything unique to you that meets administrative approval. Make it fun!
Paint requirements are: Water-based Exterior Latex paint is the only type paint that can be used. Students will also need to leave an approximately four-inch unpainted border between the white parking space lines and the paint in the design. Please use blue painters tape to ensure this border accomplished, You may purchase Water-Based Exterior Latex paint at Hiigglnbotharn in Sweetwater (Consider sharing with others), A.II paint will be the responsibility of the student.
Unapproved Paints: No oil based paints, no reflective paint, no spray paint, no fluorescent paint paint and no clear coat.
What to bring to your painting party: Be sure to bring your approved design/sketches with you on paint day. Also, you will be responsible for all paint brushes, rollers, paint pans and paint tape.
You will want to bring lawn chairs for your entire family, a canopy or market umbrella, sunscreen, drinks, stencils, rags for cleaning, sacks or bags to dispose of trash and wear paint clothes. This will be a really fun activity for the entire family and we hope to make this a great, memorable tradition of all Seniors for years to follow!