Sheriff David Warren Issues Appeal to Citizens in Fight Against Crime

Staff Writer

Responding to the increased number of citizens wanting to assist law enforcement officials and build a stronger partnership in the fight against crime, Sheriff David Warren today announced that Nolan County citizens are being invited to become Associate Members of the Sheriffs' Association of Texas.
The Associate Membership Program was created to provide citizens with an opportunity to lend their support to more effective law enforcement and to better help local Sheriffs protect the lives and property of citizens.
Membership invitations will go out in the mail over the next several days, and in fact some local citizens may have already received a letter of invitation.
Associate Member funding allows the Sheriffs' Association of Texas to provide critical training, technical resources, and legislative support on key criminal justice issues to law enforcement officers across the state as well as here in Nolan County.
Dues are used to support crime prevention and awareness programs, promote public safety, fight drug abuse, provide important additional training for Sheriffs and their Deputies, and provide scholarships for children of law enforcement officers.
Contributions to the Sheriffs' Association of Texas are tax-deductible.
“The need for building stronger public-private law enforcement partnerships continues to escalate, and programs such as this continue to grow in importance," said Sheriff Warren. "I encourage every citizen receiving a membership appeal to consider joining forces with us by becoming an Associate Member. It is a valuable investment in our future."
Citizens not receiving a membership invitation by mail, or desiring more information, can contact the Sheriffs' Association of Texas at:
Sheriff’s Association of Texas
1601 S. IH-35
Austin, Texas 78741
Phone: (512)-445-5888