Sermon series at 4th & Elm to focus on marriage

During a marriage, a couple will face hardships as well as receive blessings. However, one local church is starting a series of messages to help husbands and wives in their relationship. On Sunday, May 12, the "Fireproof Your Marriage" series will begin at 4th & Elm Church of Christ during the 10:30 a.m. service. For six Sunday mornings, the sermons will tackle different aspects of marriage while understanding God's plan for a lifelong partnership. Mike Crowley, the pastor of 4th and Elm, stated that marriage is the foundation of the family. If a person has a strong bond with their spouse, then the pressures of marriage and life can be handled and tackled together.By establishing a marriage in a mutual faith in God, the relationships between a husband, wife and their children can strengthen. Crowley noted that the series will offer encouragement and ideas in a safe setting so that spouses can be challenged to grow and family relationships can thrive.Everyone is invited to join in the "Fireproof Your Marriage" sermon series. To learn more about 4th and Elm Church of Christ, visit their website, or call the church office at 235-8696.