Seed Approves Inspection For Local Properties For Demolition

Courtesy Photo
Ray Bohall
Staff Writer

On January 13, 2020, SEED MDD’s Board of Directors met in regular session at the First Financial board room.
To being the meeting, Dana Scheoning, City Planner for the City of Sweetwater, presented 6 properties located along East and West Broadway that are potentially sites for demolition. The inspection will be performed on all six properties by a third party company and will give information about the building’s deficiencies and provide said information to City Council to be declared dilapidated.
Next, the Army tank, helicopter and plane of Newman Park were relocated to a new location, between the Armory and City Pool. A “Splash Pad Coming Soon” sign was placed near the construction site for the upcoming Splash Pad. Construction will begin in the near future, and the projected opening date is still in late Spring or early Summer.
Ken Becker, Director of Sweetwater Economic Development (SEED MDD), attended the International Conference for Shopping Centers last week, presenting retail maps of Sweetwater’s available commercial properties along I-20. Each map contained information about those properties and how they are beneficial to a future resident. More information on the map can be found on a digital map online at, under the “View Development Map” tab on the Home Page.
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