RPMH receives grant for improved medication management

Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) received a grant from the Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange (THIE) in the amount of $5,000 to implement medication management/reconciliation software that will help enhance the process for medication reconciliation at the time of patient discharge. Administration and management of medications to patients is one of the most important tasks of any healthcare provider. The hospital is looking forward to leveraging the latest technology in patient medication management to help improve the process thanks to the recent grant. “Rolling Plains has been successful in the management of medication reconciliation, but now we’re ready to take it to the next level,” said Donna Boatright, chief executive officer at RPMH. “The grant will help us continue to adopt the newest technologies to better serve the people of Nolan County.” Medication reconciliation continues to challenge hospitals across the country because there are so many people involved in tracking the medications a patient takes before, during and after a hospital stay. From nurses to physicians, home health aides to the patients themselves, management can easily become convoluted if not properly documented and tracked. “Thanks to the grant from THIE, the new software will help us greatly improve how patient medications are handled,” said Boatright. “From admission to the point of discharge and transition, information technology can help us become more efficient at tracking this type of information.” In the end, improved patient care is the bottom line benefit with the new software. After going home from a hospital stay, they can rest assured that their prescription list is correct so they can focus on the most important thing—recovery.