RPMH board discusses budget

Discussion was held on the upcoming 2013 budget during the meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors' meeting held on Monday evening, July 17, 2012 at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).The 2013 Capital Budget was presented to the board, following the submission from each department on items they wish to have. The items were then prioritized into three different groups; the first priority group needed to be approved, in which several items were highlighted.Though the board approved the capital budget, it does not mean that all of the items will become part of the final budget. Furthermore, each item will still be presented to the board prior to its purchase.The board will meet for a lunch-time meeting on Monday, August 6 in order to further discuss the budget for the new fiscal year.In other finance-related items, the June 2012 financial statements were reviewed and approved, as a recap of the month was given. The accounts payable and payroll, as well as the bad debt-write off list from June 2012, were additionally approved.New business that was presented at the meeting were the appointments of the board members. Approval was given for Steve Holcomb and Wayne Chowning to continue their service as Board Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively.Board members serving on the Finance committee will be Kirby Andrews, Cheyenne Smith and Jose Villafranca. The Joint Conference committee will consist of Linda Kite, Wayne Chowning and Carlos Alvarado.In addition, the board approved a stipend for an Outstanding Rural Scholar. The recipient has already committed to joining the RPMH staff after completing her final two years of residency; for the next 24 months she will receive a monthly, $1,000 stipend.The minutes from the previous meeting were approved by the board as well. Following a closed, executive session, approval was given to the Credentialing Files and Quality Report.During the Medical Staff Report, Dr. Robert Eaker shared his recent experience--a medical mission trip with his family to Africa--to the board. He was able to see nearly 500 patients, mostly children, during his visit and spoke of the faith and graciousness expressed by the people.In her Administrator's Report, Donna Boatright noted that the hospital received the first of three grants from ONCOR as a result of the energy savings earned from their renovations through McKinstry.She also reported that around 150 people attended the 4th of July watermelon celebration, with a number of staff members and their families present. Future meeting dates for the Strategic Planning committee will be announced at a later date.Also, RPMH was selected to represent rural hospitals for a video to promote the Quality Improvement Safety initiative. A camera crew has been filming at the hospital for the past few days, in which the video will then be transformed into a six-minute segment that will be shown to the board when the film is completed and received.