Revised Emergency Declaration Issued for Nolan County

Press Release

Emergency Declaration By
The County Judge
Nolan County
March 23, 2020

Relating to COVID-19 preparedness and mitigation

WHEREAS the novel coronavirus {COVID-19) has been declared to be an internationally dangerous, contagious respiratory virus; and
WHEREAS the virus continues to spread through the United States and the State of Texas, posing an increasing, imminent threat of disaster to the People of Nolan County; and
WHEREAS President Donald Trump declared a National Emergency due to COVID-19 on March 13, 2020; and
WHEREAS the Texas Department of State Health Services determined on March 19, 2020 that COVID-19 posed a public health disaster under Chapter 81 of the Texas Health and Safety Code; and
WHEREAS Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-08 on March 19, 2020 calling for all persons in the state to abide by the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control; and
NOW THEREFORE., I, Judge Whitley May, by the authority given me by the Texas Government Code §418.108, find that Nolan County, Texas is experiencing a Local Disaster as defined by Law, due to the virus known as COVID-19; BR IT KNOWN BY AU.. That, pursuant to Texas Government Code § 418.173, a violation of any these provisions is a violation of Criminal Law, and may be punished by a fine not exceeding $1000 and/ or incarceration up to 180 days.
The following is ORDERED and DECLARED on countywide basis effective immediately through the end date and time below:
1) In accordance with federal and state proclamations, there shall be no gatherings of more than ten
(10) people unless such gathering is mandated by law;
2) In accordance with federal and state proclamations, there shall be no “dining in” at restaurants, bars or other food service establishments (although use of take out and curbside delivery are strongly encouraged). All fitness centers, gyms, game rooms and similar establishments are ordered closed;
3) In accordance with federal and state proclamations, visits to nursing homes, retirement, or long­term care facilities are prohibited unless to provide critical or compassionate care;

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