Real Estate Wrap-Up for 2019 Held; Outlook Positive

Photo by Veeda Jeter
Joseph Grant

The 2019 Real Estate Wrap-Up was held Wednesday evening, January 8. In attendance were representatives of the Nolan County Board of Realtors. Among other guests, a representative of the Texas Association of Realtors was on hand to answer any questions the public had about the real estate profession. A main topic was a review of residential sales statistics from the MLS or multiple listing service that real estate brokers utilize to discern which properties are for sale. Under such an arrangement, both the listing and selling broker benefit by consolidating and sharing information, and by sharing commissions.
“This is the biggest investment of your life, rely on professionals to get the job done right.” Michael Reeves, West Texas Field Representative of Texas Realtors said.
Revealing residential sales data of the Nolan County Board of Realtors was presented for 2019. There was also a review of trends and comparisons with data from previous years as well as year-end stats from Abilene and throughout the Lone Star State. Available commercial properties at TX-70 in the Commercial District were discussed. There are 21 available properties. In Nolan County, there are 2 charging stations, 8 fuel/convenience stores, 15 places of lodging, 4 municipalities, 19 retail businesses, 21 restaurants and 2 state government buildings. Additional information on available properties can be found at
“Through the effort of the Nolan County Board of Realtors and the MDD, we have been able to expand the housing development rate and increase the quality of living here in Sweetwater, Texas.” Scott Morgan said.
The MLS sales data from 2019, including sales without significant acreage in the following market areas: Sweetwater, Lake Sweetwater, Roscoe, Oak Creek Lake and County Estates was included.
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