Public hearing held on abandonment, closure of right-of-way

A public hearing was held during the regular March meeting of the Sweetwater City Commission to consider the request for the abandonment and closure of a right-of-way. The right-of-way is a twelve-and-a-half foot by 482.6 foot platted but undeveloped dead-end alley located between Bowie and Henderson Streets (west to east) and west Bradford Lane (north to south). Numerous portions of streets and alleys are already closed in this area.The city services director, Kirk Harris, gave a brief description of the area, and city staff stated that they had no objections to the closure. No input was heard, thus the meeting was closed and approval was given to abandon and close the alley.Also during the meeting, approval was given to accept a twenty-seven foot by 292.5 foot right-of-way dedication as part of a replat of Block 37 Southside Addition, which establishes Block 1, Lot 1, in the Bitter Creek South Subdivision.Harris also discussed the matter with the commissioners, in which he stated that the Planning and Zoning Commission discussed the issue at their previous meeting. The area is located south of the Stanley Ford dealership and is expected to be cleared.