Powerlifters fare well at first meet

Both of Sweetwater’s powerlifting teams had good showings when competing at season-opening meets Thursday at Big Spring.The Sweetwater girls scored 31 points in placing second to Abilene High out of 13 teams at their meet.Sweetwater’s individual winners were Bri Munoz (505) in the 105-pound class, Cari Aguilar (635) in the 132-pound class and Loni Mendez ((680) in the 181-pound class while Alexis Thompson (117.23) had the top bench press among all lifters in the 97-to-165-pound classes. Sweetwater also got a second-place finish from Cari Aguilar (550.93) in the 97-to-165-pound classes while Mendez was third (196.59) in the 181-220-plus classes and Munoz was third (230.87) in the 97-165 classes in the dead lift. Individual third-place finishers were Thompson (465) in the 105-pound class, Kika Hernandez (545) in the 148-pound class and Lexie Perez (635) in the 165-pound class. Briana Rosas was fifth (435) in the 181-pound class.The Sweetwater boys placed fourth out of 17 teams at their meet and Sam Nemir (1,135 pounds) won his weight class. Other individuals who placed in their weight classes were Alex Garcia (1,035), who was third; Jay Lomas (650) and Ryan Linebaugh (1,050), who were fourth; Cory Burns (1,080), who was fifth; Spencer Young (1,025), who was sixth; Anthony Palacios (955), who was 10th; Donald Baker (795), who was 11th; Zach Rosas (635), who was 12th; Kyle Lambert (910) and Kendall Rea (810), who were 13th; Hunter Johnson (1,000), who was 14th; Brandon Galindo (690), who was 15th; Steven Le (695), who was 18th; Trey Harvey (650), who was 23rd; and Ty Davis (645), who was 24th. Mason Coldiron also competed. Both Sweetwater teams are at Lamesa’s meet on Saturday.