Nolan County Sheriff’s Office: No Complaints of Racial Profiling

Courtesy Photo
Joseph Grant

At Commissioners’ Court meeting on Monday morning, Nolan County Sheriff David Warren gave a short presentation on zero instances of motor vehicle racial profiling in Nolan County last year.
Warren then handed out the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office 2019 Racial Profiling Report.
In calendar year 2019, Deputies of the Nolan County Sheriffs Office stopped a total of 720 people:
Of these, 463 or 64.3%, were White, while the White population of Nolan County is 55.0% and state White population is 60.4 % . Of the 463 White people stopped, there were 32 searches, with 10 of those being consensual, 9 contacts resulting in custody arrests, and 137 traffic tickets were issued;
206, or 28.6%, stopped were Hispanic, while the Hispanic county population is 38.1 % and state Hispanic population is 39.6%. Of the 206 Hispanic people stopped, 24 were searched, with 8 being consensual, 3 contacts resulted in a custody arrest, and 81 tickets were issued;
46, or 6.3%, stopped were Black or African Americans, while the county Black or African American population is 5.2% and state Black or African American population is 12.8%. Of the 46 Black or African Americans stopped, there were 6 searches, with 1 being consensual, 1 contact(s) resulting in custody arrest, and 19 tickets were issued;
5, or 0.6%, stopped were Asian, while the county Asian population is 0.9% and state Asian population is 5.2%. Of the 4 Asian stopped, there was O search, 0 contacts resulting in a custody arrest, and O tickets issued;
0 Native American, or 0%, was stopped with the county population being 1.2 %, and state population 1 %. There were 0 searches, 0 arrests, and O tickets issued;
0 Middle Easterners, or 0%, were stopped. There were 0 searches, 0 arrests, and 0 tickets issued.
There were a total of 720 stops. By gender, 251 females were stopped in contrast to 469 males stopped.
In 686 cases, race was not known prior to the stop. whereas in 34 cases, the race or ethnicity was know to the police officer prior to the stop.

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