Nolan County could hold the next big oil boom

People in Sweetwater have heard the rumors, but now it's a reality that could bring in hundreds of jobs.  It's being referred to as the Cline Shale and much similar to what’s been happening in the oil industry in areas like Midland-Odessa is beginning to happen right here in the Big Country.Sweetwater has long been known for its wind turbines, but lately there has been talk of another type of machinery headed that way."There's been a lot of talk about oil companies coming in," said one Sweetwater resident. They're calling it the next oil boom.Workers at the Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development say it's a sure thing."It's not only going to happen it's already happening," said Ken Becker who works at SEED. In fact they've sealed the deal with more than eight oil companies.Just last year they purchased 88 acres of land to convert into an industrial park to sell to businesses. A month later, they've almost sold out."This oil is going to be very large and probably very long," said Becker, "one company we talked to and they're very conservative in their estimates they think this is going to be a seven to 11 year hard play." Large scale companies are already planning to use this property as their West Texas headquarters to begin drilling.You many not see much now, but many around town say it wont be long. "We can constantly get on a daily basis people wanting to expand their businesses into the Sweetwater market, so very exciting," said Becker. Some are already profiting from it with jobs."I make twice what I made in two months in two weeks here in the oil field," said Sam Boyd.  Which is one of the reasons why workers at SEED are so excited."If our community didn't work with these companies they probably wouldn't be here because they need us as much as we need them," said Becker. No matter how uncertain the future of the industry may be, preparations are a sign that for now it's the real deal.