New parking ordinance approved, Ludlum reappointed as Civil Service Commissioner

Lead Staff Reporter

The City Commission met in regular session for their monthly meeting on Tuesday, December 12 at 9:00 a.m. in the City Commission Room at City Hall, 200 East 4 Street in Sweetwater.
The city approved an ordinance after its second and final reading. The initial intent was to discuss, consider and act upon amending Chapter 19, Section 151, entitled “Parking Prohibited Over Parts of Designated Streets” by amending the Hailey Street and Highway 20 Frontage Road/NE Georgia provisions. Signage will be approved and put up.
There will be some work in the Spring of 2018 and possibly middle of the fall to the curbs and gutters along I-20. This is work planned by TxDot. The location will be past the 244 mile marker exit.
Chief Frieda spoke on the subject and let everyone know where acceptable parking spaces for 18 wheelers will be located. Word will travel quickly up and down the I-20. Trucks will not be allowed to park near or around the hospital for safety concerns. The ordinance has passed.
A resolution was read concerning the designation authorized signators for the 2017 Texas Community Development Block Grant Program Contract 7217451. The Commission designated the Mayor and City Manager to have the authority to execute documents.
The City Commission discussed, considered a resolution adopting Required Community Development Block Grant Civil Rights policies. This resolution was passed resoundingly. The resolution was read into the record.
The City approved the Engineering Services agreement with eHT for the City’s 2017 Community Development Block Grant Water improvements Grant. There will be a survey and drawing up plans and construction will start by early 2018 with construction finished by summer. Broken cast iron pipes have been dug up, dating from 1925, some of the oldest part of the water system.
The City Commission approved contract renewal with Melody’s Southwest Consortium for random drug and alcohol testing services. This is required by federal law.
The Commission discussed the reappointment of Mr. Larry Ludlum as Civil Service Commissioner, term to begin January 1, 2018 and expire January 1, 2020. Ludlum has been reappointed.
Consideration and possible action to approve the Second Extension of Industrial District Contract between United States Gypsum Company and the City of Sweetwater. This has been tabled by the Commission.
City Manager David Vela then gave the City Manager’s report.
The City Charter Workshop will take place on next Tuesday, December 19 at 9:00 a.m. The last time the City Charter Document was voted on was July 29,1947 over 70 years ago. The intent is to look at the current document and see how it can possibly be streamlined and improved. This would have to be put on a ballot as a ballot initiative, as any sort of changes to a charter have to be approved by the voters. A charter election would be called on May 5.
The Elevated Water Storage Tank has had some scheduling delay issues, namely Hurricane Harvey and the Project manager being hospitalized and all that remains is electrical and disinfecting the tank and putting water in it after the 1st of the year. There is a request of a contract extension. The new tank will be online February 1. Substantial completion date was December 19. The city could begin to assess liquidated damages at $500 a day if the contract is not completed by the original date of January 18. There are four tanks in Texas that Landmark is trying to finish up. Hurricane Harvey has affected the timeline of these. This will be addressed at the meeting for next week, Tuesday December 19.
There will be a contest for Municipal Flag Project This will involved the community and teach people about what happens at City Hall and any municipality for that matter. The flag submission should represent something as municipal flags are always symbolic. Submissions will be anonymous. Those interested are urged to watch the You Tube video by Roman Mars “Why City flags might be the worst designed thing you’ve never noticed”.
Public Comments and Receipt of Petitions: (At this time, anyone will be allowed to speak on any matter other than personnel matters or matter under litigation, for length of time not to exceed three minutes.
No Commission/Board discussion or action may take place on a matter until such matter has been placed on an agenda and posted in accordance with law-GC, 551.042)
There were no public comments offered and the meeting was adjourned.