National Bullying Prevention Month


Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month? The goal of National Bullying Prevention Month is to encourage communities to work together to stop bullying and cyber bullying by increasing awareness of the prevalence and impact of bullying on children of all ages. To celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month, we have put together a list of activities from STOMP Out Bullying ( and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center ( that you can do and share with your students to increase awareness and help overcome bullying in our schools and communities.
Today, October 5- Wear your Blue Shirt Day
Anti-bullying activities include STOMP Out Bullying’s signature campaign Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention (Have your entire school- students and faculty- GO BLUE and wear a Blue Shirt. Sign up here to participate in STOMP Out Bullying’s Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention. Show your support towards ending bullying in schools and our communities.
 Week of October 12- Make friends with someone you don’t know at school
If you’ve ever been isolated from others at school or you were new at school and it took time to make friends, you know what it feels like to be left out. Or even if you were never isolated, imagine how it would feel.
Make friends with someone at school who you don’t know. Invite them to sit at your lunch table or join you in an after school activity. You probably wish someone had done that for you.
Be a leader. Take action and don’t let anyone at school be in isolation.
 Week of October 19- STAND UP for Others Week
When you see someone being bullied, be brave and STAND UP for them. Bullies have been known to back off when other stand up for victims.
If you don’t feel safe, get the help of an adult immediately. Be part of the solution- not the problem! 
October 21, 2015- Go Orange- Unity Day- Make it Orange and make it end!
If you care about safe and supportive schools and communities, make your color ORANGE on Unity Day. That’s the day everyone can come together- in schools, communities, and online- and send one large ORANGE message of support, hope, and unity to show that we are united against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
Activities include:
•Wear ORANGE. It can be an orange T-shirt, tie, hat, wristband, socks, or even shoelaces.
•Think outside the ORANGE box. Tie orange ribbons to a fence or around a tree, “orange out” at a sporting event, or sell orange treats at lunch.
Week of October 26
Students can participate by:
•Creating positive messages on post-its and handing them out to students at school
•Creating anti-bullying videos and sharing them on the STOMP Out Bullying site
•Sharing inspirational stories with others on overcoming bullying.
•Creating an act of kindness every day and challenging others to do the same. Make kindness go viral!

The more awareness that is created during the month of October- and all year round, is one step closer to putting an end to bullying!