Mustangs' game at Lake View is back on

Ron Howell
Sports Editor

Sweetwater's roller coaster football season is back on the upswing — at least for now — if not exactly back to normal due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Put another way, this Friday's 7 p.m. non-district game at San Angelo Lake View is back on, Coach Ben McGehee has confirmed.
Tickets go on sale starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday in San Angelo to the public. But if you go, don't expect Sweetwater to look quite the same when and if the Mustangs do take the field this week. That's because a number of varsity players — though not as many as originally feared — will sit out, McGehee said, due to quarantines in place after a varsity player for Sweetwater tested positive for COVID last week.
The Mustangs will have several JV players on the field for the game at Lake View as a result. "We'll be pretty slim," McGehee said. "But we'll be able to send a team down there. We've got to hope for a good week. Hopefully nothing else happens like it did last week. I was pretty worn out after all that."
For those who haven't kept up, last Wednesday was the start of perhaps the wildest week yet for McGehee and his players. It began with last Friday's game at Mustang Bowl vs. Jim Ned being cancelled by a COVID case involving a Jim Ned player. Then, instead of conducting practice, McGehee began contacting every source he knew of to find another opponent. By late Wednesday night, he'd found one in Brownsboro.
More good news came the next morning. First, the Brownsboro superintendent gave his OK and second, Aledo was established as the site for the 7 p.m. game.
But bad news returned Friday about one hour before Sweetwater was ready to load the buses and head to Aledo. McGehee learned of a COVID-19 case among his Mustang players, forcing another cancellation. The number of quarantined players meant Lake View was likely out this week as well. McGehee later discovered that number wouldn't be as high as he had feared, though, and over the weekend he decided Sweetwater and Lake View could play after all.
So good news is here again, even with a lot of new players. As a result, the teams' JVs won't play their game here Thursday.
Sweetwater is 0-1 after losing to Stephenville in its opener, while Lake View is 2-0 after a 44-41 victory at Pecos this past week.