Middle school volleyball campers

Ron Howell
Sports Editor

Pictured are the girls who attended Sweetwater Middle School’s volleyball camp to improve their skills for the 2015 season. In no particular order are Blayke Bewley, Alyson Moore, Mia Valdez, Kailey Soles, Kathryn Browning, Isabelle Boone, Kimberlee Boone, Elli Lehnert, Katie Tyson, Zoee Jeffrey, Kyrsten Smith, Gabriela Guasch, Delena Underwood, Hannah Boone, Ariseli Garcia, Meghann Olguin, Madelyn Hicks, Paris Housten, Kaitlyn Chance, Gabriela Olguin and Miranda Sloan. Smith, Lehnert, Bewley and Jeffrey were Partner Passing Champions; Olguin and Lehnert were Overhead Partner Passing Champions; Underwood and Soles were Giddy-Up Champions; Jeffrey was named the Best Hitter; Guasch was Most Improved; Kimberlee Boone received the 100 Percent Award; and Valdez had the Most Consistent Serve. Coaches Jill Locklar, Nancy Escobar and Tony Heredia conducted this year’s camp.