Memory of Homer Taylor Honored at Luncheon by West Texas Rehab

Staff Writer

On May 10, the West Texas Rehab honored several individuals who have tirelessly supported West Texas Rehab with a luncheon at Abilene Country Club. Homer Taylor, of Sweetwater was among those recognized with a picture in a video as someone read about Taylor’s life and a plaque was placed on the Legacy of Love Wall of Honor. Those in attendance representing the Taylor family were: Beth Taylor (wife), Kirk & Laura Taylor. Mr. Taylor passed away on April 27, 2018.
Mr. Taylor passed away April 27, 2018
The following was read at the luncheon:
“Ask anyone in Sweetwater, Texas who it was that made sure Texas State Technical Institute (TSTI) came to be in 1970, and they’ll be quick to tell you: It was Homer Taylor. Homer played a pivotal role in the beginning of TSTI Sweetwater and continued until it became Texas State Technical College West Texas in 1999.
During that time, Homer served in almost every role one can imagine, from assistant campus manager all the way to receiving the elite distinction of being named President Emeritus by the TSTC Board of Regents. Homer remained at TSTC until his retirement in 2005, but he was far from finished having enduring impact on many organizations and charities in West Texas.
One didn’t have to be around Homer long to realize he was an “educator at heart” As such, he sought to bring excellence in education to the students of West Texas and the state of Texas. Even after retirement, he remained committed to his mission and worked to support local students in their pursuit of higher education goals and ultimately, their dreams. It was this passion for excellence in education which may have been what drew Homer to West Texas Rehab Center.
With its heavy emphasis on ensuring the highest levels of continuing education in their individual plans of care, and providing the best care imaginable for folks across the region, well…The Rehab was a perfect fit for Homer.
Homer served on the The Rehab Board form 2009 to 2017 and served as a Trustee on the Foundation board from 2013 to 2017. Just as he made certain TSTC had a breadth of reach much farther than Sweetwater, Texas, he knew well how far the reach was for West Texas Rehab Center and he loved being a part of the WE in The Rehab’s relentlessness pursuit of its mission of improving the quality of life of those WE serve regardless of financial circumstances. West Texas Rehab Center is grateful for Homer K. Taylor.”