Local Students Place at TMSCA State Meet

Staff Writer

It was announced that the following students placed at the TMSCA state meet, they received either a medal or trophy for being in the top twenty in the State Of Texas. TMSCA team competed in the state Meet over the weekend.
In the Number Sense category, regarding 6th grade students, Brody Gibson came in 8th Place. Noah Dodd came in 13th Place, Mason Yang at 14th Place and James Hefner at 18th Place. Regarding 7th grade students, Kendall Daniel at 12th place, Jaden Adkins at 17th place, Mackenzie Ince at 20th place. In the Calculator category, starting with 6th graders, Mason Yang came in at 10th place and Joseph Pena at 19th place. Regarding 7th grade students, Gabriella Hernandez came in at 8th place and Eleianna Espinoza at 11th place. In the 8th grade, Hector Leyva came in at 7th place, Jazmin Ruiz at 8th place, Vanessa Bugarin at 9th place, Christian Ceballos at 15th place, Hannah Nixon at 15th place and Morgan Strebeck at 18th place.
In Mathematics, 6th grader Noah Dodd took 7th place, Emma Dempsey took 11th place and Mason Yang took 16th place.
In the category of Science, 6th grader Diego Alvarez took 6th place.
The students competed against 15 other 4A teams in their division. The Calculator Team of Leyva, Ruiz, Bugarin and Hernandex placed 4th as a team.
Total trophies and Medals earned by the largest group of students to qualify to compete at the State TMSCA Meet was 25, which is the largest amount of trophies and medals that has ever been earned at a State Competition.