Letter to the Editor: 3-24-13

Dear Editor,There is an old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it." I escaped from the madness and turmoil of the oil boom in Midland and moved to Sweetwater on Nov. 8, 2012. I wanted a place to live where the pace of life was slow and easy. My father and grandfather are buried in the Sweetwater Cemetery and that is where I will be buried when the Lord calls me home. I found a nice community where people are friendly, etc.Then, I noticed some the excitement, and the locals saying that the oil boom might come to Sweetwater. That would be a total nightmare if it did. First, the price of housing would go up which would increase property taxes. Then, you will need more schools due to the population increase. Then, local businesses would have higher labor costs when competing with the oil industry wages. In Midland, they are paying Wal-Mart door greeters $14 per hour. Restaurants would be forced to pay high wages and have to raise their prices. Then, out of town and state corporations will come in and buy up properties and double or triple rental fees.Those who suffer the most from oil booms is the poor, indigent and senior citizens who live on fixed incomes. If you want to destroy the way of life you have here, then you will support the oil boom for Sweetwater. If you like things the way they are now with a healthy economy, you might want to control your growth and way of life. Money and greed has destroyed society and the economy in Midland. Traffic is horrible and the citizens are in a frenzy doing this and that. Thirteen people this year alone were killed on the loop around Midland. Drugs and crime are out of control. People are living in storage stalls and tents due to the lack of housing and high rental rates. Midland and Odessa cannot hire new teachers for their schools due to extremely high housing costs. This oil boom economy could destroy your way of life in Sweetwater, Texas.Donald R. DeVore, Sweetwater