Letter to the Editor: 3-21-13

Dear Editor,I noticed the city commission is looking into building a bulk sales water for commercial use companies, OIL producing use? Since we have been in a drought for several years, is it a good idea to sell water that the city has access to? What is the price of selling our drinking water just because we have some extra water today. This seems to go back again to the Tenaska water situation. How do we sell our future needs? When do we think about the future water needs, instead of the money today. If Sweetwater grows in population from the Shale oil, wind mills and other possible business, what about these needs. I know that many land owners in Mitchell, Fisher and Scurry counties sell lots of water now, where do the planners for our future needs think they will get more water. Spence? Lots of questions!Jerry O'Briant, Sweetwater