Letter to the Editor: 3-14-13

Dear Editor,I'm mad at the city trash pick up. I called them about three or four months ago to pick up some limbs that the wind had blown down out of the trees which were piled up in a corner of my lot next to the alley. I was told that they didn't do that any longer; that instead they would set a truck out there and I could put the limbs in that myself. I'm 76 years of age and unable to do that. I had to call them before and they always came and got the limbs. I pay enough for trash pick up on my water bill. I told them it was no rush, just when they had time to do so. Now my limbs are till in the same spot.I drove down the alley and I have never seen so much trash laying there, mostly limbs. The city has always wanted us to keep our alleys clean. A lot of people have no trucks to go to the dump ground so how are we going to clean up alleys. If we didn't pay for trash pick up it would be different, but we do.Concerned Citizen,Shirley Straley, Sweetwater