Hospital renovations continue

An update on the hospital renovations was given as part of the Administrator's report during the Nolan County Hospital District board meeting on Monday night.David White with McKinstry, the company heading up with projects, was joined by four representatives at the meeting to offer an outlook on the current project of the new doctors' offices, as well as look back on the results from the previous work of the new medical /surgical unit.The current project is right on schedule, according to White, in which they will be working on placing the roof and dry wall in the next couple of weeks. When the windows are installed, the project will be considered 100% water-tight.As the renovations are becoming more evident from a visible standpoint, work is currently taking place on improving the existing building. The hope is to have the doctors moved into their new offices sometime this June.In addition, a Utility Performance Snapshot was given on the electric savings seen at the hospital as a result of the retrofitting project for the medical center.The report summarized the usage of the main meter which makes up the majority of the hospital's electric consumption. It outlined the expected usage if no renovations took place, along with the estimations from the savings seen as a result of the updates.Already, around 100,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours) have been reduced. Savings have additionally been seen in gas and water usage, with incredible reductions seen in the latter.With these changes, the hospital was able to establish a plan with Oncor to obtain utility rebates. A check for $26,470.98 was presented during the meeting, which is one of several checks that has been already been received by the hospital.Thus, White stated that it was apparent that the systems from Phases One and Two of the projects are working. He also praised the hospital on a variety of levels, noting that the continuing relationship between the two entities has proven successful.