Hospital board to fill open seat

The Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors met on Monday night, November 26 at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) for their regular meeting.In her Administrator's Report, Donna Boatright shared with the board that after eight years of service, board member Wayne Chowning submitted his resignation. Hospital board chairman Steve Holcomb stated that Chowning gave great insight while on the board and appreciated his willingness to serve. On behalf of the hospital staff, Boatright praised Chowning for his service and his excellent leadership.A candidate was presented to the board to fill the remainder of Chowning's term and will attend the December board meeting to visit the group. Chowning also served as the vice-chairman of the board, in which the role will need to be filled as well.The administrator's report also addressed the Sweetwater-Nolan County family planning program, in which the hospital helps toward part of the funding for the nurse stationed at the Sweetwater-Nolan County Health Department. The nurse works with pregnant mothers in the area and the salary assistance is a budgeted item for the hospital. Boatright stated that the hospital's participation in this area is vital in helping mothers in the area.Among the action items presented at the meeting were the October 2012 accounts payable and payroll for the past month along with the bad debt write-off, which were reviewed and approved. The financial statements from October 2012 were discussed in a breakdown by department and were additionally approved. Other business presented at the meeting was the Administrator's contract, which was discussed last month but no action could be taken on the matter. During this meeting, the board approved the annual contract.And in new business, the Infection Control Vulnerability Risk Analysis was reviewed and approved. The board also approved the credentialing files following a fifteen-minute executive session, and the minutes from the previous meeting were approved as well.