Highland ISD is suspending operations through next week

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Ron Howell
Sports Editor

Highland Independent School District has announced it will extend the suspension of normal operations through March 27 due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
Highland students and teachers resumed their normal schedules Monday after a week-long spring break.
Students were released on Tuesday, which was a staff training day, but were originally expected to return to class Wednesday, according to superintendent Duane Hyde.
But Hyde said he decided to suspend all operations through March 27 due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus through the state and nation and the West Texas area in particular. Due to a UIL ruling last Friday, the school had already cancelled all sports, academic and music competitions through March 29.
Hyde provided an update on Highland’s school website where he said the decision was made “in an effort to support our nation’s need to slow the (COVID-19 virus) spread in the state.
“An increase in confirmed cases closer to our area has increased the probability of it coming closer to our community,” Hyde continued. “To help you prepare, we are coordinating with other school districts in our region as well as health officials to determine if there is a need to extend the closure further.”
Hyde said all Highland school staff members will need to report as usual to help prepare for this change in instruction.
“Thank you for understanding during this time of uncertainty,” he said.

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