Future Sweetwater attends city meeting

Future Sweetwater students were on hand to hear city staff has declare eight properties in the city limits as urban nuisances. Notices were sent out to property owners and most were present at the past city council meeting. All owners were given between 30 to 120 days to repair or demolish the structures. The owner of 1213 Presidio is reported to have shown no interest in repairing or demolishing the structure. The roof is blowing off and the building is in need of windows and doors. The owner of 409 E. Avenue D has pulled a permit for demolition. He pulled the permit on Oct. 25. The structure at 701 Fisher has seen repairs to the windows and doors and is only lacking the proper skirting and tie downs, according to city staff after hearing a statement from the property owner. No response was received from the owners of 1400 Mason. If the property owners fail to comply with the notifications in a timely manner, the city will move in and demolish the buildings. According to city staff, if the city demolishes the structure a bill will be sent to the land owner and if not paid will become attached to the land. In another item at the regular city meeting, irrigation at Lake Sweetwater has been prohibited, due to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements. According to City Manager Eddie Brown, the city has been notified that if personal irrigation is to continue, meters must be installed and the amount of irrigation has to be monitored. After researching costs, city staff decided that the cost to meter irrigation would incur an excessive expense for the city and lake residents. "With the cost of the meters and the cost to hire extra manpower, the fees to the residents could likely exceed lot lease payments," Brown said. The current staff is not equipped to monitor the irrigation usage without hiring more staff. If irrigation is not prohibited or metered before the application deadline, there is a possibility of the application being denied. According to Brown, if the application is denied then the city would have to start the entire process again. Also at the meeting, SEED dedicated the water line and sewer line, which was recently installed on the 88 acre industrial site, to the city. In the process of the city acquiring the water lines, the approval was given to sell the Hailey Street Fire Station. One bid was received and awarded to Thomas J. Rossen. The property was previously valued at $55,000 and Rossen's bid exceeded that amount. City staff will go out for bids on the scrap iron and metal collection contract. The current contract with LR Sales, which was established in 1994, was terminated. Approval was given to eliminate the October through February surcharge at the Municipal Golf Course. Due to the decreased play at the golf course, the surcharge will be eliminated and reinstated in March. An ordinance establishing a curfew for minors was read and approved on the first reading. The ordinance was established in 2007 and expires every three years. A second reading will take place, at the next city meeting.