Friday Night Fight Football Tonight

Lead Writer

The Fight never ends as three women continue to fight cancer for themselves, their friends, and most of all — their community.
Three coaches Jill Locklar, Carla Lambert, and Carola Martin with the Sweetwater Independent School District came together with the idea of Friday Night Fight in 2002 when Locklar was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The friends wanted to host something that gave other women of all ages a chance to find out if they had breast cancer in the early stages.
“The more we can get screened the more lives we can save and that is our goal everyday,” said Martin who is an Instructional Technology Specialist and girl’s golf coach for SISD.
Every year during September or October, which has been designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month nationwide, there is an enormous fundraiser where the entire community participates and buys pink shirts to help raise funds for the cause.
Lambert said Friday morning that 1,100 T-shirts had been sold in this year’s campaign.

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