Flu Season in full swing in our area

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Ray Bohall
Staff Writer

With flu season in full swing, it is more important than ever to keep hygiene in mind than any other time of the year.
Flu, or Influenza, is a respiratory virus that infects the nose, throat and, occasionally, the lungs, leading to mild to severe illness, and in rare cases, death. So, get your shots.
When asked about what you can do to decrease your chances of contracting Flu, Shelia Ellison of the Sweetwater Nolan County Health Department said “Hand washing with hot water and soap, as much as possible. And flu shots. Over the past season, there was been an increase in Influenza-A, and over the past two weeks, an increase in Influenza-B”
According to most experts, flu viruses spread through small droplets created when infected people cough, sneeze and talk. Often, these infected droplets land on the mouth or nose of nearby people, but they can land on nearby surfaces and objects.
Symptoms typically take one to four days to begin, and can include fever, feverish chills, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aching, headaches, fatigue, and, sometimes, vomiting. It is important to know that not everyone infected with the flu will have a fever.
Knowledge is power when dealing with Influenza, and although it is difficult to diagnose flu from other respiratory illnesses, it is important to identify the possibility of flu early and to separate the infected person from anyone with a high risk of developing flu-related complications.
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