First readings held on three ordinances

At the April meeting of the Sweetwater City Commission, approval was given toward the first reading of three ordinances that are slated for adoption.The first ordinance amends Chapter 17 of the Code of Ordinances entitled "Licenses and Business Regulations", which deals with RV (recreational vehicle) parks and their equal development.Due to the growth from the Cline Shale oil development, city staff has been working on an ordinance for RV parks for some time. At last month's meeting, one issue discussed was the requirement of developers to offer a laundry-mat; that requirement has since been omitted.City Manager Eddie Brown stated that the ordinance will help bring uniformity, while also calling it a strong rule that can be enforced.In addition, Chapter 7 of the Code of Ordinances--titled "Buildings and Construction"--underwent its first reading.This ordinance will adopt more current editions of certain model codes. Kirk Harris, the city services director, noted that bringing the codes up to date will benefit ISO (Insurance Service Office) ratings and other insurance concerns.Furthermore, the ordinance entitled "Fire Prevention and Protection"--from Chapter 10 of the Code of Ordinances--will also help adopt a more current edition of the model code.As stated by the city's emergency services director Grant Madden, the updates will assist for when any future construction takes place. The 2012 code is on the same level as the international code, which boasts tighter regulations that are already expected by contractors.The second reading of all three ordinances will take place at the next regular meeting of the City Commission, scheduled for May 14.