Fire in Maryneal; 487 Acres Burns; With No Water Pressure, Quick-Thinking Fireman Saves House and Barn by Using Well Water


A fire raged for five hours before the joint efforts of the Sweetwater Fire department and Maryneal put it out. The blaze was started by an electrical transformer on a power line overhead shorting out.
When the Fire department reached the scene, they were greeted by the fact that there was another fire on the Turkey Track Ranch. That fire was quickly put out as it only reached three acres.
When the lack of power knocked out the water pressure in a nearby electric well, a quick-thinking retired fireman by the name of Terry Muncy thought ahead and brought a generator and thus, saved a house and the barn on the property.
The fire that burned 487 acres took about five hours to get under control and held long enough to reach a state of containment, Maryneal Fire Department watched the fire last night to ensure that it stayed within the containment lines., There were no injuries.