Fire Dept. Entrance Exams Taken; Candidates Undergo Agility Tests

Courtesy Photo
Joseph Grant

Recently, the City of Sweetwater Fire Department had candidates take the Civil Service to be a fire fighter. Pencils down, because the City of Sweetwater Fire Entrance Examination Results are in. The candidates are listed by placement scores on the test. A “V” indicates 5 point veteran credit added to final score. There were 13 who took the test.
Colin King received a 96.2. Norman Toothman received 87.9. Brady Pope received 84.6. Tristen Adams received 84.6. Gabriel Zipprich received 78.0, Devin Gallagher received a 76.9, Robert Jackson also with a 76.9. Charles Bishop received a 75.8, Jordan Johns received a 72.5, Eddy Hernandez also received a 72.5. La Brizza Rodrigues received a 71.4, Briley Roe also had a 71.4 and Clayton Jones received a 70.3.
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