Eric Holder’s search for “justice”

Well now that round one of the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman trial is over, it looks like the federal government and the media are gearing up for round two. Apparently the Justice Department is going to take a look at this and see if they can take an additional crack at Mr. Zimmerman. Evidently people at the top (cough Obama, cough, Eric Holder) don’t like the decision the jury reached. How dare the people who got all the details and available facts concerning this case, return a verdict that doesn’t agree with what the administration wanted.Personally, I think the recent trend in the courts of the federal government taking a second shot at people by charging civil rights violations or some other infraction to haul them into court again smacks of double jeopardy. In the United States I grew up in, being tried twice for the same crime after being acquitted was not allowed. Although, I must admit that this time around I’m not so sure that George Zimmerman doesn’t deserve to be part of a federal civil rights case: concerning his civil rights that is.The media and administration attack on George Zimmerman after the shooting, leading up to the trial, during the trial, and after the trial is both shameless and shameful. That this kind of thing can go on in the United States says a lot about our present culture. It’s been so bad that Mr. Zimmerman (who was found innocent by a jury of his peers by the way) and his family may well have to go into hiding for their own safety. Sadly, it looks like one of the entities he may have to hide from is the federal government. Sure hope he doesn’t use a Verizon cell phone (just kidding; I’m sure the feds are getting info from all of the phone companies). Then again if Holder’s Justice Department, who can’t seem to see voter intimidation when it’s right in front of them, get to the bottom of fast and furious, or figure out what’s going on over at the IR$, is the investigating entity, maybe he will be able to avoid them. Sadly, I think the Justice Department will be much better at microscopically examining an American citizen than they are at the things I mentioned above. Or for that matter finding criminals who are illegal aliens. Then again, doing a better job than they are investigating fast and furious isn’t setting a very high bar is it?I have to wonder if Zimmerman’s best option might not be to beat them to the punch and start suing anybody and everybody who slandered him. Maybe he can start with NBC (Not Being Competent?) for altering the 911 tapes to make it seem as if he was a racist chasing down his prey. That had to taint the jury pool, and I think a court of law might just be the place to bring that kind of behavior up. Then again, maybe he should go after Al Sharpton. I would really like to be on that jury, but since Al Sharpton has done so much harm to black people, justice for him would be better served by an all black jury. I have to admit, while I do believe in the First Amendment (and by the way, despite the way some people in the administration appear to think, it isn’t necessary to “believe” in any of the amendments, or the Constitution for that matter, the Constitution is clearly and emphatically, the law of the land) and a free press, it would be nice to see some of the people who tell out and out lies brought to justice once in awhile. Say, do you suppose we might at some point be able to have a conversation with Harry Reid about his statement that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes? Nah, probably not, I think he was careful to say it in the Senate so it couldn’t come back to him. Odd that untruthful speech is protected in the chambers of our legislatures, and apparently, in our national media.As a result of the verdict, or at least we aren’t supposed to think this was pre-planned, Holder says he’s going to “look into” stand your ground laws. The conclusion I draw from this is that Eric Holder believes that if there hadn’t been one of those pesky “stand your ground laws”, the administration and the press would have gotten the guilty verdict they wanted so badly. As Eric Holder, or whoever holds his leash, sees it, those laws allowing people to defend themselves have got to go. Now that’s just what we (don’t) need. The same guy who doesn’t do anything about blatant voter intimidation, or go after a group who publicly put a bounty on an American citizen, trying to put himself in charge of whether or not you and I can defend ourselves.There is one bright spot in all of this. I heard on the news (and since it came from the main stream media, I apologize if it’s untrue) that Stevie Wonder has promised to not perform in any state with a stand your ground law. Talk about unintended benefits. I recommend any state without a stand your ground law enact one as soon as possible just because it will eliminate the risk of accidentally being subjected to a Stevie Wonder concert. For the people out there who wonder about stand your ground laws, and whether or not they should be part of our culture, I would suggest that the Founding Fathers were firm in their beliefs about “standing your ground”. They stood their ground and defended their lives and property so effectively, that we inherited the United States of America from them.Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at