Emergency repair approved by hospital board

At the meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District's board of directors, approval was given to a generator rental agreement and repair estimate. The meeting was held on Monday night, October 22 at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH). As a result of a radiator leak, several companies have been examined to take on the task of removing the radiator and repairing it. The approved quote from Warren CAT stands at approximately $15,000, which will include a stand-in emergency generator. McKinstry, the company who has taken on the recent hospital renovations, assisted the hospital in the search for a company to take on the emergency repair.Other new business included the approval to update the banking resolution and authorized signatories on the following items: First Financial Bank's operating, payroll, employee benefit, and cafeteria plan accounts; the money markets for Roscoe State Bank and Texas National Bank; and First Financial Trust's reserve, physical therapy, I&S, and C/O funds.In other financial-related items, the September 2012 financial statements were briefly reviewed and approved. Also reviewed as part of the financial report was the year-end report, which was broken down by the year-to-date, the budgeted amount and the prior year numbers. Categorized by departments, identifiers on the report highlighted several positive areas.In addition, the September 2012 accounts payable and payroll, along with the bad debt write-off list, were approved.Two other reports were reviewed and approved as well: the quarterly reserve fund analysis and quarterly physical therapy fund analysis reports. The former report also included year-to-date numbers.Furthermore, two revisions were reviewed and approved for the medical staff rules and regulations. Approval was also given on the minutes of the previous monthly meeting and the special-called meeting on September 26, 2012.And following a fifty minute executive session held during the meeting, approval was given to the credentialing files and the quality report. Personnel matters were also to be discussed during this time, but no action was taken in open session.