Drug Court Resolution Passed; NCSO Racial Profile Report Presented; Contracts Approved; City to Seek Various Bids; Courthouse Security Purchases Approved

Staff Writer

The Nolan County Commissioners’ Court met in regular session on the 25th day of February, 2019 at 9 a.m., in the County Courthouse Sweetwater.
The Commissioners approved the resolution to lay the ground work for the creation of the Nolan County Drug Court.
Minutes from February 11th meeting were approved.
Schneider Electric presented a check to Nolan County retrofit project it did for Nolan County. The company did lighting project retro-fits for the exterior of the jail, the courthouse, the library and the Nolan County Coliseum, as well. In the end, this project would save Nolan County money, representatives from Schneider asserted at a presentation in March of last year. The buildings have longer run hours, which make them excellent candidates for retro-fits. There would be a fifty percent reduction on the interior lighting and a seventy-five percent on the exterior as the lighting would be on timers.
The courthouse would be occupied approximately 3,000 hours a year. The product would last about 100,000 hours over thirty years. There would be no more ballasts or bulbs to replace as the lighting would be LED and last longer as well as an improvement in lighting quality.
LED would be a vast improvement over the high pressure sodium lighting. The entire project would result in significant savings for the County.
The payback would come in about seven years, the same as the warranty.
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